About Us

Korean / English

Datz Museum of Art opened in October of 2010 in Jinsaegol, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, with a mission to help rejuvenate artistically creative spirits.  It presents an organic space in nature where one can spend self-reflective time away from the busy city. It is our hope that those who visit will encounter true beauty and reclaim their personal imaginations, sensibilities, and perspectives to breathe anew fresh life into their daily lives. Datz Museum wishes for a community in which life is shared through art.

Business Field
We are sharing random acts of kindness through exhibitions. We invite you to a space where nature and art breathe together. We ask you to come and experience the creative space and time beyond our daily lives here at Datz Museum of Art. 

Experiential Learning Programs
Datz museum offers experiential learning workshops, such as woodworking, ceramics, and photobook making for children and youth to experience the joy of creativity in nature with seasoned artists and artisans.

Datz Museum is run by Datz Press, a small-scale independent publishing company that specializes in planning and publishing books of artists’ works.  Datz Press looks to preserve artists’ works through publication, and with its books it shares their art. As a rule, all work presented at Datz Museum are recorded and preserved in book form.

Magazine <Gitz>
Magazine <Gitz> is an artist interview magazine that was launched concurrently with the opening of Datz Museum of Art in 2010. <Gitz> is published annually with words and stories of artists and artisans who work in the visual arts field. They are precious stories of people who bring their artistic inspiration to life through their work and invaluable experience. We believe that the beauty inherent in an artist’s life has the power to move the world, and wish for <Gitz> to be a tool that communicates the creative inspiration for that beauty.